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This translation was only possible with the help of my proofreaders Dr. Siobhán Higgins-Welter, Antony Karasulas, Benjamin Fry and Olin Hemmingway.

Based on the original Old-Frisian language, this new English translation aims at making the Oera Linda-book more accessible for study and research, by including a facsimile of the actual manuscript and a new transliteration, both provided with line numbers. Also, paragraph titles and numbers were added and a more chronological reading order is suggested.

The only English translation that existed thus far was by W.R. Sandbach (1876), who based his interpretation on the first Dutch translation by dr. J.G. Ottema (1872).

Pre-orders of Codex Oera Linda, the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary edition containing the new translation, transliteration and color scans of all original pages, are now accepted. The number of copies of this collector's edition will be limited and based on the number of pre-orders. Estimated release date and price will be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

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Drenthe, The Netherlands
November 2020
Jan Ott
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